"We had a great time in kindergarten, and learned a bucket load of information on how to raise the dog we want! Your wealth of knowledge is an asset that I am happy to have access to. I tell everyone who is getting a dog to go to your site, and certainly to take your classes! Dozer is a much happier puppy, as we are less frustrated. The education we received helped us."
Louise Smith and Dozer

"Thanks so much again for the wonderful classes. You are amazing and your tips are so much appreciated. Teaghan and O'Malley have both changed so much since they started the classes.....now, if only I can get them into Sunnybrook's store without them rushing to the training room door!! You are truly a special pet owner's trainer!"
Shelley, O'Malley & Teaghan

"Puppy Socialization classes provided a mix of fun teaching techniques and have been an outing that Duncan has enjoyed. Mixing with other dogs and humans is important in any puppy's development."
Helen Baker and Duncan

"I enjoyed being a part of this training because of how Leah showed so much love and patience for the dogs and owners. Leah is a natural trainer, and dogs respond to her!"
Debbie Praught and Lily

"The puppy classes are the most fun you and your puppy will have, just the kind of fin that makes your stomach sore from laughing, and your puppy sleep for a few hours after. There is lots of learning, and lots of fun to have by everyone. We can't wait for the new classes to start up. You are doing a fantastic job!! Keep up the good work!!
Megan and Axel

"Leah's class makes a puppy grow up before your very eyes - what transformations!!"
Laura Brake

"Puppy Socialization class taught me two very important lessons. The first is that mental exercise is as valuable as physical exercise. The second lesson is that all the situations that I might shy away from with my dog, as I'm the owner of a high energy dog, are in fact situations I should work toward. Each and every area of concern has become an area where we both can learn."
Gail Rhyno, Charlottetown

"Probably the best investment our family could have made. Oreo came as an adoptee from the Humane Society. With all the help and support we've received from your classes, we're well on our way to having a more balanced dog and balanced home. I really like the structure of the classes. The instruction and explanations were clear and well thought out. Everyone received equal treatment with no bias towards breed or handler. Lots of encouragement all the way around, and always time for questions."
Tammy Matthews and Oreo

"It was really good for all of us. We enjoyed it and learned some valuable skills to use with the day to day living with our puppy. The joy of seeing Mickey start to relax and play with the other dogs, was good for him and a necessity for all puppies to experience."
Marlene Mayne

"We loved the class. It's full of "common sense" things that we otherwise wouldn't have thought about. Leah made the learning sooooo much fun and our puppy loved it! Thanks alot for helping us enjoy the new addition to our family!"
Gilles and Debbie Richard



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