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Leah........an animal lover her whole life, she has cared for and loved many animals including cats, dogs, horses, donkeys, and yes, even raccoons, to name a few!!

With a passion for dogs, Leah has owned and trained many over the years. She and her dogs have taken numerous obedience courses, including those from Clarence Gallant, a well known breeder, trainer, and trialer of Golden Retrievers. Leah also trains with John MacKinleyof True North Agility, who she credits with the introduction to positive reinforcement and shaping training.

After the introduction to shaping training, Leah continued to learn valuable insight from other notable trainers such as Susan Garrett of "Say Yes Dog Training", and world renowned dog behaviorist, Brenda Aloff. Upon completing seminars with Brenda Aloff, Leah was motivated to develop "Talk to the Paw" and to help others maximize their relationships with their dogs.

Leah currently shares her home with her 3 dogs, Nixon, Haley and Ernie and continues to "enjoy the journey".


Nixon......intense......just watch me go! A ton of natural ability packed into Nixon's small, but powerful frame!

Nixon is that "once in a life time" partner! He is clever, intuitive, energetic, and fun loving.

Nixon is shooting through his obedience skills, nailing his targets, and amazing his fans as he goes!

Nixon is now the youngest addition to the "Talk to the Paw" program. He inspires others with his intense work ethic and willingly demonstrates the "power of play!"


Haley......keen......a real thinker! With a work ethic that matches Hunters, this girl brings wonderful energy to classes.

Haley provides tremendous satisfaction, and is every dog trainer's dream. She has a desire to learn, and the sky is the limit.

Haley continues to hone her obedience skills, and expects to be in the trialing ring in the upcoming year.

Haley is the youngest addition to the "Talk to the Paw" program. She willingly demonstrates various skills each week during classes.

She encourages all new puppies and their owners to get active and enjoy new adventures! Haley insists that life as a dog is all about the play!


Ernie........full of fun......a combination of the class clown and your favourite stuffed toy!

Ernie bounces through life making everyone love him just the way he is!

Ernie sees the world according to Ernie! And that just about perfect! He's a little charmer, and an expert at meeting and greeting new arrivals and making them feel at home!

Ernie also sets a good example for "little dog awareness" and continues to help prove that smaller canines DO NOT have to bark, jump, and nip to get attention.

Henry Joseph Noye

(RIP) Henry........a treasure......a charm........and dubbed as "The People Whisperer". Henry has a talent for mesmerizing folks with his unique personality, and provides tremendous enjoyment to those who come to know him.

Henry was responsible for helping Leah develop the addiction to agility and dog training. Together they've taken many seminars, and now have to their credit, various titles within the Agility Association of Canada, and Canine Performance Events. No question, the hi-light of Henry's career was earning the "Reserve High in Standard" title at the CPE Nationals in the summer of 2007.

Henry continues to promote "little dog awareness" and proves that smaller canines DO NOT have to bark, jump, and nip to get attention. Henry is a major player in the "Talk to the Paw" program, and welcomes all to the classes held at Sunnybrook Farms Pet Supply. His advice to those attending classes........a never-ending supply of treats!


(RIP) Hunter.......wise beyond words. Hunter is a natural when it comes to appropriate social skills amongst dogs and people. He takes his work seriously, and has a work ethic that is second to none.

Hunter has partnered with Leah in many seminars, including those with Brenda Aloff. It was here that both Hunter and Leah learned valuable lessons in dog-human connections.

Hunter's talents are not limited to socializing. Hard work certainly paid off in the agility competition ring, as he and Leah earned "High in Standard" and "High in Games" at the CPE Nationals in 2007. Hunter continues to compete at the Master's Level in agility trials around the Martimes.

Hunter enjoys taking part in all of the classes with Leah in the "Talk to the Paw" program. He welcomes new puppies and their owners to come and experience what it's all about!



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